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The purpose of The PhotoBomb Academy is to provide an online education platform to photographers and creatives at any level who want to improve their image taking skills and brands. Rhea loves and feels called to share her journey as an entrepreneur and experiences with others to serve as motivation and inspiration for the next business owner and PhotoBomb Academy was platform made just for that! Education has been a key in role in her growth as a photographer and business owner, so Rhea invites you to come and learn together!

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"My photobomb class with Rhea was amazing! As an event planner and blogger, I find that I often need behind the scenes shots of my work or images for social media, blog posts and more. While I always use a photographer for events, having a personal knowledge of photography through Rhea's class has helped me to feel confident in capturing images for my other business needs.

You owe it to yourself to take Rhea's class, where she shares freely on how to use your camera like a pro! Thanks to Rhea, now my pics are poppin'! :)"

"Rhea really opened my eyes to what’s possible with my camera! I’ve had a growing interest in the art of photography, but had no idea how to get started.

Rhea’s PhotoBomb Academy provided me with knowledge, while developing my contextual awareness and eye for what looks good vs. what looks great! I would highly recommend her classes if you’re interested in a quick, fun crash course in photography." 

"I thought I could teach myself how to take great photos. I was wrong. I decided to take a PhotoBomb course with Rhea of Rhea Whitney Photography. The one-on-one session provided so much knowledge and insight not only on how to use my camera but how the various camera functions work together to render the desired result. I had a great time learning from Rhea, she's such a joy and super talented. I can already see a huge difference in the quality of the pictures I take. I think back to my session and recall how I should manipulate my settings to capture my subject in the best way. It has certainly taken the images I use on my blog and social media to the next level. I can't wait to build on what I've learned, and take more awesome pictures!" 

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This premium online learning experience really gives you the #majorKEYS to define your ideal client more clearly, improving your client experience and marketing yourself via social media! PLUS breaks down the key photography functions such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, & White Balance, in a super digestible manner.
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online live coaching program

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This special offering is for rising photographers that will help them #LEVELUP their BUSINESS, understanding strategic marketing and defining your brand more clearly. Only offered 1-2 year per year. 4 weeks long - Next course Jan 2019

Are you wanting to build a more solid portfolio full of images that define your "ideal style" better? The live shooting experience would be a great place to do just that! Happening on August 27th, this will be a marketing & styled portfolio building experience for 15 photographers, with live shooting by Rhea! 

Do you own a camera but really don't understand how to use it at all?! Maybe you're heard terms such as ISO, shutter speed or f-stop but have no clue as to what they mean and/or do. I've created an online course that breaks down the basics of photography in more detail. Topics discussed included aperture, depth of field, ISO and white balance; breaking down composition 

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Rhea loves to share her journey as an entrepreneur and experiences with others to serve as motivation and inspiration for the next business owner. She’s had the opportunity to speak at various retreats and conference including the Vision Conference in Atlanta and the Revive retreat that was held digitally. Topics range from branding your business to attracting ideal clients and best practices for building stronger faith while walking in your purpose/calling. Rhea is also passionate about motivating and providing tips to business owners on having better money habits and long-term investments. 

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mentor sessions

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If you're the type of person that needs one-on-one power session to learn and grow more, let's schedule a more customized mentor sessions to fit your needs and help you grow in particular areas of your business that need a little extra help. 


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